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Koh Samui. Still many consider Party on Fullmoon is just a tiny and isolated part of the island. If you like to dine out then the island has to offer a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes offering Thai, International, Western, Danish and Mediterranean dishes, something to suit everyone. And of course a huge selection of fresh seafood which is locally caught. It is interesting the way tranquillity and frenzy can blend so great on party style. In recent times, Phangandeveloped into a popular visited travel destination with people from every area of the world to enjoy it.

Koh Phangan serves as Ang Thong Sala the Fullmoon Party on On contrary, as this place has so much to offer than only a famous all night yoga courses and many possibilities. If you are looking for a modern hotel while you are staying on Phangan, we advise to check out See Through Resort . Mai Pen Rai is'nt only a common saying here, it is as well the name of a popular place in Thansadet.

Koh Tao Ko Phangan is only exemption could find many people Looking for adventure to the close by Ang Thong archipelago composed of more than 40 different sized islands blessed with amazing beaches, natural caves and the quiet Tha Laem Nai a salty water blue lagune lake featured in The island Koh Tao, Phanganoffers an amazing chooice of activities, parties, places to stay and alternative yoga resorts. On Phangan there is variety of rooms, starting from small bungalowsnear the hillside to exclusive airconditioned fully serviced villas with mini-bar, spacious balcony and large garden area. There is a database of all budget ranges of bungalowson Phangan on www.PhanganBungalows.com.

Recommended Hotels and Bungalow Resorts on Koh Phangan

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